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Professional and highly experienced Interior Designers & Architects

About James Gray Bespoke


James Gray bespoke and our design team of professionals have a wealth of world class interior design experience. The James Gray team has a long history for the intelligent integration of architecture and interior design. Our philosophy features a refined use of inspired lighting, sophisticated use of colour, carefully considered materials, bespoke made furniture and a keen attention to the finer design details.


At James Gray we approach each project individually, incorporating the eclectic taste of our clientele. Classical or contemporary, intimate smaller projects to large scale properties, we are at ease in all disciplines with the dominating theme being a feeling of comfort and an expectation of quality. 


Our Cheshire based studio is staffed by a diverse team of talented employees pulled in from a variety of different industry backgrounds.  Making us positioned to offer comprehensive design services—encompassing everything from interior and product design, urban planning and architectural design.


We can work through out the UK and oversees supporting  the overall process of every project from inception to completion. We work closely with the design team and external construction teams to facilitate the smooth execution of  each project. Developing solutions that provide a unique architectural design identity, forging strong connections between interior and exterior spaces

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