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Transforming Your Space One Design at a Time


We work closely with the architecture and the external envelope from the outset. We consider the structural implications our interiors have with the external envelope and treating the fabric of building and the decorative as one composition. In seeing the two as inherently linked, we ensure that the project's interior and exterior arrive at one seamless solution.

We understand that our spaces should offer a lifestyle and narrative through effective Spatial Planning. At James Gray Bespoke, we work with our clients throughout the process and help bring their vision to life with our designs, offering photo real renders to really bring our proposals to life.

Architecture Model Sketching
Businessmen on Staircase


We understand how stressful the building process can be, which is why we want to help you navigate the process of obtaining planning permission and designing and building your house or development.


The purpose of this Pre-Planning & Design Consultation is twofold. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to learn more about us and decide whether we would effectively deliver the results you are looking for. Secondly, the consultation gives us the opportunity to evaluate the feasibility of your project, avoiding costly alterations after work has commenced. 

Space Planning


We understand form and space, and believe a successful interior scheme should be both sympathetic to the architecture, and unique in its own right. The desire for quality, detail and refinement is key in every project we undertake. 

Every space has its own personality, and with a few touch ups and the right Spatial Planning, you can really make it shine. At James Gray Interior Design, we work with our clients throughout the whole process, and make sure to bring their vision to life with our designs.



Design led interior architects and spatial planners allow us to look at the space avaialble and in different lights. We access the space and help realise the lifestyle and potential it can offer. 

Our unique process combined with our experienced design service adds weight to a commercial venture through effective planning, embracing innovation and understanding developments in technology. 

White House with Lights


Personalised Attention For All Your Design Needs

At James Gray Bespoke we are able to personally design bespoke joinery throughout the home. From home offices, specialised dressing rooms, fitted wardrobes, cabinetry, kitchens etc... We work closely with our highly skilled and trusted joinery firms to create truly remarkable personalised furniture. 

Speak to us about how we can design something that fits perfectly into your home, office or workspace.

Cabinet Maker Sketch


Whether a private client or developer, the ultimate success of our projects lies in our thorough understanding of the personal and cultural requirements of the clients with whom we work. 


We work on both residential and commercial projects such as; heritage buildings, ultra-luxurious penthouses, country estates and sunset villas to cocktail bars, restaurants, coffee shops and high end shops.

The projects we create demand an extraordinary level of design.  Our exceptional standards are consistently illustrated in our considered and truly bespoke approach, with first class finishes, intricate luxury detailing and one-off designs. 

Every space has its own personality and at James Gray Interior Designers, We work with our clients throughout the whole process to bring their vision to life.

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