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Lono Cove - Northern Quater 

Polynesian Tikki Bar in the Heart of the Northern Quarter 


Lono Cove is a high end Polynesian themed Tiki Bar, on the site of the former Apotheca venue, in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter.

Initially our client came to us in search of inspiration for the second venue, The client is already  behind the successful, award winning Lono Cove Chester which opened in 2018 and has become a favourite drinking spot for locals and tourists. Chester was born from modest and humble beginnings and this time Edgey Bars wanted to go BIG!

At JGB we wanted to create and deliver a high-end cocktail bar that had all the magic of Tiki but in a sumptuous and contemporary setting. Lono Cove has been designed to be an escapist cocktail paradise, with an immersive Tiki-style melange of slick modern finishes, island resort chic and enough tropical flourishes to make you forget the Manchester rain.

We fused a jungle inspired floral installation with bamboo fretwork screens, hand carved sandalwood  Tiki god carvings with more contemporary finishes such as brushed brass and fluted glass on the bespoke illuminated back bar that takes centre stage of the ground floor bar.

What others say....

"A new tiki bar has opened in the Northern Quarter, turning the old Apotheca site into a tropical paradise. Its new two-storey bar in Manchester is filled with huge birdcage seating booths, masses of plants, and luxury touches like a brass-topped bar and pink leather seats." Read more...

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